Monday, September 29, 2014

Blooper Reel

Spencer Folmar's favorite outtakes from filming The Resisting Gossip Teaching Series.

Resisting Gossip Teaching Series: Bloopers from Third Brother Films on Vimeo.

On Location

Now that the entire Resisting Gossip Teaching Series is out, we can show you a little bit of what it was like behind the scenes. In a word: fun.

Special thanks go again to Spencer for his sense of humor and hard work on this project, to the Gray Havens for the use of their fun yet serious song "Jack and Jill, pt 2," and to CLC Publications for giving these away to the online world.

Please Share

Don't forget that these ten videos are all free for streaming, downloading, and sharing. Please pass them on to whomever you think will profit from them. Each film is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a chapter in Resisting Gossip and a lesson from the new companion book Resisting Gossip Together which comes out in just one week.