Friday, September 19, 2014

Lesson #5. "Instead of Gossip: Speaking"

I'm pleased to present Lesson #5 of the Resisting Gossip Teaching Series.

Resisting Gossip Teaching Series: Lesson 5 from Third Brother Films on Vimeo.


Resisting gossip is not just about what not to do but also what to do. Sometimes, gossip feels irresistible, and we have a hard time seeing any other option than succumbing to the scuttlebutt. But God has something better for us to “put on” than unwholesome talk. Join Pastor Matt Mitchell as he teaches about the godly alternatives that the Lord provides for us to practice instead of speaking gossip.

On Location

We filmed this one in the locker room at Clearfield Alliance Christian School (thanks, Mr. Spanogle!). We borrowed jerseys from their high school basketball team--a tight fit for me! I talked Spencer into including at least one shot of me actually making a basket. I'm afraid there were a lot of missed buckets. That music stand looks a little out of place.

Please Share

Don't forget that these ten videos are all free for streaming, downloading, and sharing. Please pass them on to whomever you think will profit from them. Each film is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a chapter in Resisting Gossip and a lesson from the new companion book Resisting Gossip Together which comes out on October 7th.

We're half-way there! On Monday, we'll release lesson #6: "Instead of Gossip: Listening."