Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lesson #9. "Regretting Gossip"

I'm pleased to present Lesson #9 of the Resisting Gossip Teaching Series.

Resisting Gossip Teaching Series: Lesson 9 from Third Brother Films on Vimeo.


Shame, disgrace, condemnation, self-loathing–these are a few of the feelings we can experience after we give in to what seems like irresistible gossip. We know, deep down, that when we gossip we are offending God and hurting people so it is right to feel deep regret. Join Pastor Matt Mitchell as he teaches on the grace, peace, and light that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Location

We filmed lesson #9 in a private airplane hanger. During the lesson, the hanger door opens dramatically letting in almost more light than Spencer's cameras could handle. The idea was to vividly picture how the gospel moves us from the darkness of shame and regret in gossip to the light of repentance, forgiveness, cleansing, and joy.

This episode also features the traditional feather pillow and gossip story which we acted out with a real old-fashioned feather pillow (thanks, Becky!) and a leaf-blower (thanks, Tom!).

Please Share

Don't forget that these ten videos are all free for streaming, downloading, and sharing. Please pass them on to whomever you think will profit from them. Each film is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a chapter in Resisting Gossip and a lesson from the new companion book Resisting Gossip Together which comes out on October 7th.

Tomorrow, we'll release the last lesson, #10: "Regretting Gossip."