Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Don't Feel Like It

How often do I say that to myself?

I don't feel like...

Having that talk with that person
Thinking about that thing I've been avoiding
Doing that hard thing that's next on the agenda

Most of the time, the thing I should do next is the very thing I don't feel like doing, and the key is to get courage from the promises of God and "just do it" by faith.

This morning, I didn't "feel like" getting out of bed, but I swung out from the sheets and made some yummy pumpkin muffins for the family and woke up my wifey with a cup of steaming "Ring of Fire" coffee.

I didn't "feel like" feeding the fire this morning, but we're going to be warm today even though it's cold out there.

I didn't "feel like" getting on my knees and praying about my writing day, but I did, and I was blessed by reading/praying through The Spirit As Teacher in the Valley of Vision.  Thank you, Lord!

And I sure don't "feel like" really working hard on my project today. My goal for today is to write Chapter One: Introduction of my applied research project. I think it's do-able in a day because 1) it's mostly a revision of my proposal, 2) I have a clear outline for it my mind, and 3) I'm a writer (when I actually do it).

So, if you're praying for me today, pray for productivity and perseverance.

I once had a friend that never did anything he didn't "feel like," and eventually, it landed him in a big pot of yuck. I don't want to be like him. 

I want to be like Jesus who for the joy set before Him endure the Cross.  I'm sure He didn't "feel like it," but I'm so glad He did it.