Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Started Today

I got a real start on my project today.  Thank you, friends, for your prayers.

I gave a full day to clarifying my work, categorizing all of my resources, and capturing all of my thoughts and making sure they were put in the right places.

The biggest thing accomplished was the creation of both a master outline for the whole project and a working outline for the "Resisting Gossip" book (project chapter four).  All of these things have been rattling around my little brain, but now they are on a page ready for the next step.

And if you're still praying, here are the next steps I've identified:

0.  Use my proposal as a master-checklist to make sure I'm doing all that I should.

1.  Re-Read the D.Min Manual, Handbooks, and Style Sheets that I need to fully understand.

2.  Start a master bibliography file with all of the books that I have and am consulting.

3.  Revise my proposal into Chapter One: Introduction.

4.  Finish my research and beginning writing Chapter Two: Biblical and Theological Foundations.

5.  Finish my reading and organize books & articles into categories for Chapter Three:  Historical Precedents and Current Cultural Conditions.

6.  Find 150 more "gossip stories" and 9 more critical readers (esp. ladies).  Complete my working outline for Chapter Four: Ministry Model and Evaluation.
And 330 days to go...