Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'll Never Get It. Never, Never, Never!

Remember Don Music from Sesame Street?

I am so Don Music.

Whenever I can't get something the first time, I want to bang my head on the piano and give up.  "I'll never get it!  Never, Never, Never!"

Like this morning.  This is another Writing Day that the church has so generously given me to research and study and think and then write my D.Min Project on Resisting Gossip.

But I'm really struggling to get moving.  There is no 1-2-3 checklist for me to follow.  I'm working on a doctorate which means that I'm supposed to know what I'm doing. 

And the truth is, I will figure it out.

But it doesn't feel like it right now.

Right now, I feel like banging my head against the piano and saying that I'll never get it, taking my ball, and going home.

And the worst part is that I seem to have passed this DonMusical trait on to not just one of my children ,or two or three, but to all four!  (Pray for mercy for my homeschooling wife.)

And they need to see me lift my head up and try again.  To be confident that God has led me here and He will lead me home.  To know that I'm right where God wants me, and that He's gifted me for this task.  To look back over the vast number of checklists for this project that are already completed and be confident that the Lord will help me to check off the rest of the list.

And to be thankful for my wife.  In most of the Don Music skits, Kermit or some other fuzzy creature comes alongside Don and encourages him to finish, often giving him the idea for the completion of the song. 

Heather often fills that role for me.  She has said, "You can, should, and WILL get that project done."  And I'm listening to her.

Goodbye, Don.  I'm rolling up my sleeves and trying again.