Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Gossip Games #1: Synonyms & Euphemisms

This could be fun!

I'm trying to put together a list of synonyms (different words that mean similar things) and euphemisms (a nice way of saying something that's not as nice) for--you guessed it--gossip!

Want to play along?

I'd like to come up with at least 50.

There will be a special prize (mostly my lavish appreciation and your name in lights here at H.O.) for the player who contributes the most synonyms and euphemisms.  Play fair and have fun.

Here's a short list to get us started:

Idle Talk
Inside Scoop
Getting the Dirt
Shooting the Breeze
Being a Busybody
Careless Talk
Small Talk
Gadding About   

...Ok.  Go!


[crickets chirping in the background]


Don't everyone talk at once...

[crickets chirping in the background]

Secondhand News (to continue with the Fleetwood Mac references)
Here-say (not sure how to spell it and too lazy to look it up even though I'm sure I could find it by searching Google)
Talking behind ones back

Yeah, Christy! You've jumped into the lead.

Also, Alisa wrote in via email, "Fly on the wall."

Keep 'em coming, friends.

My sister-in-law, Amy, has jumped into the lead with this list emailed to gossip games central:

Jaw wagging
Tongue flapping
Been to the beauty parlor
Chit Chat
Girl talk
Gab fest
chew the fat
cluck about it (River City's preference)
told by a little bird
to have the story on someone
burning the telephone lines (might be a stretch)
the word on the street (also a fun Sesame Street segment with Murray)
get the news
the 411
the buzz

minding someone else's business
wagging tongues
tittle tattle
"on the Q.T."

From a friend who checked

Gossip as a Noun: Talk about others: Rumors

account, babble, back-fence talk, blather, blether, buzz*, calumny, chatter, chitchat, chronicle, clothesline, conversation, cry, defamation, dirty laundry, dirty linen, dirty wash, earful, grapevine, hearsay, idle talk, injury, malicious talk, meddling, news, prate, prattle, report, scandal, scuttlebutt, slander, small talk, story, tale, talk, whispering campaign, wire

And words to describe the person that gossips:

blabbermouth, busybody, chatterbox, chatterer, circulator, flibbertigibbet, gossipmonger, informer, meddler, newsmonger, parrot, prattler, rumormonger, rumors babbler, scandalizer, scandalmonger, snoop, talebearer, tattler, telltale

Gossip as a verb:

babble, bad-mouth, bend one's ear, blab, blather, blether, chat, chatter, cut to pieces, cut up, dish, hint, imply, insinuate, intimate, jaw, prate, prattle, rattle on, repeat, report, rumor, schmoose, spill the beans, spread*, suggest, talk, talk idly, tattle, tell secrets, tell tales, wiggle-waggle

I think we're way over 50!

I assume you will not accept names?