Wednesday, February 02, 2011

That's More Like It

Unlike yesterday, today I was able to focus today on my studies and made some valuable progress. 
1.  I did for the New Testament what I had done for the Old last week, looking up each instance of "gossip" in English to see what the Greek words are that underlie it and then studying those words.  This turned up some surprises but was relatively straight-forward.  I actually enjoyed it this time!

2.  Making a "look up" list of the next 50 passages or so that I want to study. These passages do not necessarily have the English word "gossip" in them, but do talk about the phenomenon that we mean when we say, "gossip" or are related to the problem in some way.

3.  I started our first Gossip Game:  Synonyms and Euphemisms.  No takers yet, but it was worth a try.

4.  Read 3 articles on gossip that needed reading.

5.  I made a good bullet point list of work that I need to do next.  It's great to have concrete next steps.  I need todo lists that I can todo. 
Thank you, faithful friends, who prayed for me today.

And thank you, my Lord, for being lord of my days.