Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"God Tells Me" testimony by Krista Horning

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Greg Lucas's gut-wrenching grace-filled book Wrestling with and Angel for the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

I mentioned that Greg would be speaking at the Desiring God Conference on Disabilities called "The Works of God: God's Good Design in Disability."  The audio and video for that are now available online. I look forward to listening my way through the talks during my short commute to and from work.

Greg recently posted about the conference and shared this highlight:

I was accompanied by some pretty powerful proclaimers of God's word (John Piper, Dr. Mark Talbot and Nancy Guthrie). But the most powerful and encouraging part of the conference took place as Krista Horning walked onto the stage and delivered this ten-minute God-glorifying, Jesus magnifying, Bible saturated, message.
Thank you Krista for displaying "God's Good Design in Disability" for the whole world to see.
And thank you Jesus for the faithfulness of your Word, powerfully proclaimed in our broken vessels!
This afternoon, I found 10 minutes to watch her testimony with a couple of my boys. Outstanding!  What I was most encouraged by was how much scripture she has internalized and could humbly and powerfully share from her heart.  The phrase, "God Tells Me" was just what I needed to hear today.