Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pictorial Tour of CLC Publications

I had a terrific time yesterday with the publishing team at CLC Ministries in Fort Washington, PA.

Here are a few pictures I snapped with Isaac's camera that I borrowed for my trip.

(Make sure to look at the last one--it was my favorite.)

CLC is a missions organization and maintains residences for missionaries "on the hill." They put me up in guest housing on Monday night.

CLC's headquarters is parked right along 309 near the PA turnpike. Cars whiz by as you stand in their parking lot.

That's our van!

These are pictures of the lobby, including a portrait of the founders, Ken and Bessie Adams.

These are "endcap" displays of the most recent CLC releases. Eventually Resisting Gossip will have a similar display.

Dave Almack (left) is the US director of CLC and the leader of the publishing team. He's pictured here with Greg who runs this side of the warehouse--the fulfillment of orders from places like

These are CLC books ready to go to readers.

My favorite picture: Aisle 3 is where my books will eventually sit--somewhere between F.B. Meyer and Watchman Nee, in alphabeautiful order.

In fact, my book will sit right next to Repentance by Jack Miller--good company to be in!

Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of working with these fine folks and participating in their worthy mission.