Friday, October 18, 2013

Amazon Review of "Resisting Gossip" by Daniel Holmquist

Daniel Holmquist of Just Get On the Plane posted a review at Amazon this week:

Matt Mitchell’s new book "Resisting Gossip" is filled with highly practical advice, simple Biblical counsel and really great stories! His definition of gossip is worth memorizing, “The sin of gossip is bearing bad news behind someone’s back out of a bad heart.”

The author presents his material in a clear and accessible way. He is honest about his own failures and successes. And this vulnerability helps the readers do the same, especially as Matt consistently applies the Gospel to all of us throughout the book.

Dr. Mitchell says on page 95, “When I started my research on this book, I was hoping to find a one-size-fits-all approach that could be automatically deployed. But life is messier than that, and God’s wisdom is better than that too.”

I share his convictions on the messiness of life and the wisdom of God in dealing with it all. Christians will make a significant difference in our society by coming to grips with gossip and carefully teaching others about it, even potentially resulting in many Gospel conversations.

Not all books do a good job with group discussion questions, but this one does. Each chapter ends with well-written discussion questions people will actually use. And the bonus chapter for church leaders on cultivating a gossip-resistant church will be especially advantageous for many, but only if they read the rest of the book first!


If you've had a chance to read it, visit the Resisting Gossip Amazon Page to leave your own review.