Friday, October 04, 2013

Post an Amazon Review (and 7 Other Ways to Help Your Author Friend)

Rachelle Gardner offers 8 excellent ways to help your favorite author get the word out about their book.

#1 is to Post a Positive Review on Amazon.  (Here is the Amazon page for Resisting Gossip.)

Rachelle says:
1. Amazon reviews. If you have positive things to say about a book, go ahead and say them! Don’t be false; don’t rave about a book you don’t really like. But write a good review if you can. Reviews are a powerful tool on Amazon that can make a big difference in an author’s sales.
My goal is to soon have at least 50 positive reviews (3 stars or more) for Resisting Gossip so that people who would be helped by reading it are encouraged that it is actually worth reading.

Thanks for your help!

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