Thursday, November 21, 2013

Even More About "A Better December" - A Round-Up of Reviews and Giveaways

All week on this blog, we've been featuring A Better December: Proverbs to Brighten Christmas by Steve Estes.

Monday: Our contest for two giveaway copies (which is still live until 7pm tonight).

Tuesday: A delightful interview with Steve himself.

Wednesday: My review of A Better December.

But, my blog isn't the only place where you can learn about A Better December. Here is a round-up of links, including even more chances to win a free copy!

Megan at the Lifesong blog introduces it this way:
The past several years, I have really struggled with Christmas. Not what it means - I'm very clear on that. But I struggle with the overcommercialization of Christmas. We have taken this sacred holy day and turned it into an over spending, list making, stress filled month of chaos. And, honestly, I'm rather weary of it. I want our celebration of Christmas to be different. I don't want it to be about making lists, I want it to be about remembering why it's one of the most meaningful days of the year to begin with. I don't want to get caught up in all the "extras" - I want to focus on Jesus.
But is it too late? My older kids have already experienced many Christmases where, I am really embarrassed to say, we went overboard. So now they have come to expect something that I don't want to continue doing. I don't want my kids to remember things at Christmas; I want them to remember Jesus.
I received this book in the mail last week....
Read all of Megan's thoughts and enter her contest by leaving a comment by tomorrow.

Carrie at Reading to Know says this:
December is a crazy busy time of the year for most of us. I know that most people are always eager to find encouragement to slow down and to stop striving for perfection. Most of us want to be able to take a low-key approach to the holidays and spend time reveling in the things that really do matter - namely, relationships. Also, due to oppressive time constraints, many of us are looking for quick bursts of inspiration which help us to slow further down and maintain a relationship with our Savior during this Month of Crazy (Fun). If you are looking for a short devotional that will help keep your heart focused on the right place, you might be interested in this title. I can't say I was overwhelmed by it but neither was I underwhelmed. It is good to read Proverbs year round and apply it always. Estes takes us another step forward in applying this Book of Wisdom to our Christmas holidays. 
 Carrie isn't as excited about A Better December as I am, but she does think it's good. Read her whole review here and enter her contest by leaving a comment by Wednesday.

Nicole at Strengthening Women sums up the book:
Steve Estes does a wonderful job of taking the little proverbs that we all know so well and relating them very practically into our lives during the Christmas season. He throws in a mixture of funny anecdotes that made me laugh out loud and stories that made tears well up in my eyes and goose bumps take over my arms. And then to top it all off, he wraps everything up at the end with the gospel.
Read Nicole's full review, including her thoughts on what could have been done better, and enter her contest by Monday night.

Linda of About the Children's Department offers not only her own review and a giveaway contest, but also a free short story written by Steve Estes as a complement to A Better December.
I'm delighted to also make available to everyone who reads this, a special short story, written by Steven Estes which you will only find on About the Children's Department. In this story, Steve writes, "Anyone dreading this Christmas? Is anyone convinced you simply can’t endure one more “happy” holiday? Not with this spouse. Not without that child. Not minus any family at all. Or perhaps not with yesteryear’s good memories now just a puddle of melted snow — or with that sadness from childhood hanging on like the flu. Maybe you should meet Coleen."
 Read the story about Coleen and enter Linda's giveaway contest by Monday by leaving a comment here.

And if that's not enough about A Better December for you, then check out these additional resources:

Happy holidays!