Thursday, November 28, 2013


In the top right corner of this blog, there's a red sentence that says:

"Subscribe to The Resisting Gossip Update email newsletter."

There is a group of about 100 people who clicked on that link and have been receiving it in their in-boxes this Fall. I use the newsletter to chronicle the highlights of what's been happening with the book as its message begins to spread.

The latest edition is out, and it's all about how thankful I am for all that God has done this year with Resisting Gossip (and a picture of me with a bow-tie and a bound copy of my doctoral project!).

On this Thanksgiving, I hope you are experiencing the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a good Shepherd and a wonderful Savior and Lord.


Oooohh Yes indeed, so thankful to be His beloved child saved by the grace of God! Although it is not thanksgiving here in Canada, I am still thankful . Do we need a special day. I should hope not? :) Like you say Matt, God is good and He is a wonderful Shepherd who watches over us.

Yet I did want to say that I am extremely thankful for YOU Matt, and for your book, Resisting Gossip. I thank God for your ministry that has already started and will continue from the outcome of this book. It is very much needed… and it will bring glory to God. Thank you for serving Him and for serving His children.

Thanks, Ann! You are a great encourager.