Monday, November 25, 2013

Meeting the "Resisting Gossip" Triplets at the Moorestown CLC

Remember these humorous and savvy ladies?

When I first saw this picture back in September, I had to find out who they were and why they posed for this photo.  And then in October, I got to meet them in person at the CLC Bookstore in Moorestown, NJ.

It turns out that CLC Stores hold a contest every time a new book comes out of CLC Publications. The contest is for the best book display, and the Moorestown store was determined to win the one for Resisting Gossip so they recruited these 3 ladies to pose for the picture.

And then I got to meet them in person.

I tried to engage them in gossip that day, but they weren't biting.

Thanks, CLC Moorestown, for hosting me and introducing me to these three fun ladies!