Friday, November 01, 2013

SpoiledMilks Review of "Resisting Gossip"

Spencer at SpoiledMilks recently reviewed Resisting Gossip. He divides his reviews into an introduction, a "Chocolate Milk" section on a book's positives, a "Spoiled Milk" section on the book's weaknesses, and then a recommendation.

Spencer had many encouraging things to say:
This book was good for the topic it’s on. Really good. It was revealing, convicting, and all around encouraging to have some wisdom on this topic, to see more of the ins and outs of gossip, and to know what not to do and how to help instead. To speak good of others over bad (even if it’s true!) because you love them (even if you don’t feel like you do).
Read the whole thing.


Thanks, Matt! I appreciate the link and the positive comments. God bless.

Thanks for reading the book and for your review!