Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Half A Year of Books 2007

Time again for my semi-annual list of books I've completed so far this year. Remember, making this list is not an endorsement of the book. Read with discernment.

No time to do the work of linking each of the books. I'm sure that you can find them at your favorite bookseller on your own!

There is a preponderance of escapist mystery novels (more than usual). I'm hoping to balance that out in the second half of the year.

James, P.D. Shroud for a Nightingale

Ramsey, Dave The Total Money Makeover

James, P.D. Unnatural Causes

James, P.D. An Unsuitable Job for A Woman

James, P.D. The Black Tower

Alcorn, Randy The Law of Rewards

Leavitt, Steven & Stephen Dubner Freakonomics

Younts, John A. Everyday Talk

Osteen, Joel Your Best Life Now

Allen, David Getting Things Done

James, P.D. Death of an Expert Witness

James, P.D. The Skull That Lies Beneath

Schultz, Bob Boyhood and Beyond

Ricucci, Gary & Betsy Love That Lasts

Mahaney, C.J. Humility: True Greatness

Austen, Jane Sense and Sensibility

Henry, Marguerite Misty of Chincoteague

Sayers, Dorothy L. Strong Poison

Hybels, Bill Just Walk Across the Room

Alcorn, Randy Deception

Stout, Rex Fer-De-Lance

James, P.D. Devices and Desires

Stout, Rex A Right to Die

Osborne, Larry The Unity Factor

Stanley, Andy How Good Is Good Enough?

McCullough, David W. (ed.) Great Detectives

McCullough, David 1776

Lencioni, Patrick The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Buckingham, Marcus and Donald Clifton Now, Discover Your Strengths

Thompson, Rick E3: Effective, Empowering Elders


Have you tried any books by Ted Dekker yet? He's one of my favorites.
You could check him out for your second half of the year's reading. :)

No, I haven't read any Dekker.

What do you recommend? Where to start?

Is there an order to them?


There's no order, although he does have a few book series: The circle trilogy, which includes Black, White, adn Red. And he has the Martyr's Song Series, which includes Martyr's Song, When Heaven Weeps, Heaven's Wager, and Thunder of Heaven.
The first book of his that I read was "Blink". That got me hooked on him. The second book I read was "Three". After that, I have read as much of his stuff as I could get from the library. Now I'm a huge fan!

I'll have to check him out.