Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mini-Sabbatical - Prayer Requests for Week 2

Thank you for praying for my mini-sabbatical!

I had a very good first week. I weeded out over 250 books from my library and organized what was left!

Josh Perry took 70 of them home with him! There are about 100 on a table in the foyer for people to graze and take what they'd like.

And I'm feel much better. My cold seems to have finally gone away.

Here are my requests for this week:

1. Prayerfulness, peacefulness, and joy in Christ.

2. This is "filing cabinet week." Pray for effectiveness in tossing what I don't need and organizing what I do.

3. Please pray for wisdom and I try to make decisions about what to do with myself AFTER my mini-sabbatical. I need to balance rest and work, come up with good priorities, and make good decisions--not just return to my patterns from before.