Monday, July 02, 2007

Mini-Sabbatical - Prayer Requests for Day 1

As I officially start my mini-sabbatical Tuesday, I would appreciate prayer for these things:

1. A God-centeredness in my mind, heart, and priorities.

2. Increased health and rest. I have come down with a "Summer cold" and a sinus infection. I'm now on antibiotics, but it's not a fun way to get started with my sabbatical. I have a number of things I'm trying to accomplish during my sabbatical, and I don't want to over-do myself either. A good mix of rest and work is what I'm shooting for.

3. This week is "library-week." I am hoping to sort through my 1,000+ book library and get rid of around 200 books, sorting the rest into (1) what I hope to read (and putting those in a queue), what I will use or loan to others profitably, and (3) what I want to keep for my kids. Everything else MUST GO! Please pray for diligence in this task.