Friday, July 27, 2007

Thanks to God for Raymond C. Ortlund Sr.

Ray Ortlund Sr went to be with the Lord on Sunday.

I never met Pastor Ortlund, but I was deeply influenced by his son, RCO Jr. (his family calls him "Bud" but we students never dared!) in seminary.

And I loved listening to him as the radio teacher on Haven. I always said that "Haven with Ray Ortlund is Christian radio like it should be!"

RCO Jr. has reflection on his dad on his family blog and John Piper writes, "Thanks to God for Ray Ortlund."

[HT: JT]


Matt-------You are correct about RO,Sr. and Christian radio. Having been on the edges of what goes on, RO,Sr. was a paragon of goodness and greatness in that media. For many years through Haven he applied Scripture to the lives of all kinds. It was a night time mentoring for me. While the battle rages on about how technology should be used in the Christian community, RO,Sr. stands for an example of using the medium for the message. wck