Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Sweet Review of "Resisting Gossip" from My Mommy

I got this in my inbox on Saturday afternoon. I'm sure she's not biased in any way:

Dear son,

This week I finally finished reading Resisting Gossip.

I imagine that you have either assumed that I had read it or, more likely, wondered why I had not. I had decided not to read the book before publication so that I could read it in its final form. But when it was published, I was still reluctant to read it even though I knew it would be great.

First, I was already very familiar with the material and I was concerned that my reading would be a little superficial. I wanted to give the book the attention it deserved. So I read the chapters over time and finally finished this week. Also, I knew that you revealed a lot about yourself in the book, and I think I was cautious about reading things that may have been painful to my dear son.

Anyway, I did finish it, and I think it is superb. When you said that you had said all that you had to say and didn't want to put any fluff in the book to make it longer, that was a wise position. I am so proud of the depth and breadth of your thinking on a subject that hits home with all of us. Now I try to measure my words and intentions more thoroughly than I had ever done before. It is becoming a habit!

The surprising material for me was the bonus chapter. It was all fresh to me, and I really enjoyed the way you illustrated your points with biblical examples. It is so important, and I loved it! Yes, even the acknowledgments were fun to read. Thank you for including your dad and me. You never know what that little baby in your arms will grow up to do. We have been proud of all of your accomplishments, but this book certainly is a treasure for us.

With love,

PS Now get back to work on that sermon.

Yes, ma'am. And thanks, Mom, I love you, too.


Pictured: Anita Mitchell and her oldest son at 3.5 months.