Thursday, December 26, 2013

Homemade (or Homewritten) Christmas Gifts Are the Best!

For Christmas this year, three of my sweet kids gave me short, persuasive essays that they had to write for school on why their Dad was the best. (My other son wrote a similar essay about his Mom). They are tongue-in-cheek humorous and also give a glimpse into what they think of dear old Dad. I love it.

It's a blessing to be called Dad at this house. Merry Christmas to me!


My Dad’s Better Than Yours 
by Peter Mitchell

My Dad’s better than yours! He goes up on stage every Sunday and speaks an hour and half. He wrote a book called Resisting Gossip. And he goes and he splits wood all day long, and I stack it all in twenty foot long cords. He’s like a big Paul Bunyan preacher!!!


My Dad Is Better Than Yours
by Isaac Mitchell

My Dad is better than yours because I am his son. And I am so great, so your Dad can’t match mine! Also my dad can split a whole pile of logs in just a couple days. I bet yours can’t! My Dad’s the best in the world at preaching on stage in front of 200 people. There!


My Awesome Dad
by Robin Joy Mitchell

My Dad is awesome! Sometimes he takes me with him when he goes to State College, and we have an awesome time! My Dad wrote a book called Resisting Gossip. Sometimes he goes places to talk about it, and he takes me with him to run the book table. My Dad is sooo cool! Sometimes he takes our whole family out to a shooting range, and we shoot a whole bunch of .22's. My Dad’s an amazing pastor and a good juggler. I am proud to have him as my Dad!

I love you, Dad!