Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Resisting Gossip" in Kevin DeYoung's Top Ten Books of 2013

Kevin DeYoung, a pastor, prolific author, and blogger, has included Resisting Gossip in his top ten books of 2013.

I am joyfully honored and humbled, especially because I have high regard for DeYoung's opinions, especially about theological/ministry books!

He writes:
This list is not meant to assess the thousands of Christian books published each year, let alone every interesting book published in 2013. I read a lot of books, but there are plenty of worthy titles that I never touch (and never hear of). This is simply a list of the books (Christian and non-Christian, but all non-fiction) that I thought were the best in the past year.
When I say “best” I have several questions in mind:
•    Was this book well written and enjoyable to read?
•    Did I find it personally challenging, illuminating, edifying, or entertaining?
•    Is it a book I am likely to reread or consult often?
•    Do I see myself frequently recommending this book to others?
The books that score well in all categories are “best” and make their way on Top Ten lists.
And then he offers this highly encouraging assessment (see screen-capture below):