Monday, December 09, 2013

Using the Word "Gossip" to Describe Something Good

Last week, a commentator named Char on Tim Challies' blog said this about my definition of sinful gossip in Resisting Gossip ("bearing bad news behind someone's back out of a bad heart"):
I think it's useful that gossiping here has a fairly narrow definition that excludes the kind of "gossip" that serves social functions. 
It was so encouraging to hear that because it was one of my goals in crafting the definition after I was done with my research.

Not everything that goes by the English word "gossip" is sinful. It's important to be careful because language can be so tricky.

I've written about this before in the post: Is It Okay to Use the Word "Gossip" to Describe Something Good? with an answers: quick, better, and longer.