Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Resisting Gossip" in Tim Challies' Top Books of 2013

Rejoice with me!

Tim Challies has included Resisting Gossip among eight of his top books of 2013. 

He says these books "are almost certainly not the 8 best books of 2013 in any objective sense; rather, they are my favorites, the ones that have remained in my mind and impacted my life since I read them" and that Resisting Gossip "is a book that will benefit any reader and any church and I have referred to it often since reading it."

Wow. That comes from someone whose opinion about books I highly respect and among other books that I think are great ones.

I feel like a need a new word amid the blessings of recent days. "Encouraging" just doesn't cut it any more.

Thank you, Tim, for your kind words. I am humbled and thankful, and I hope that the book helps folks to grow in godliness and to win the war of the wagging tongue where it rages the fiercest--our hearts.