Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stephen Altrogge on Internet Arson

Stephen Altrogge at "The Blazing Center" has written a great little post discouraging people from being internet arsonists.

Quoting James 3, Stephen says:
The Internet makes it so easy to be an arsonist. To set the world on fire. To be a walking napalm. To go through the day spraying virtual gasoline on everything and everyone.
Writing as a fellow struggler, Stephen also has good insights why the Internet makes the temptation stronger, on what to do instead and reminds that we will have to give an account for "[E]very spoken word, every text message, every Facebook update, every Tweet, every Pin, every Instagram."

This post is an apple of gold in a setting of silver (Prov 25:11) and applies, of course, to resisting sinful gossip, as well.


I read the article and in the process figured out I know Stephen Altrogge from IUP/college. Have you ever read mutal acquaintence's blog, prayforian.com?

-Jess Hoffman

I've seen Ian and Larissa's story online but have never read their blog.