Monday, January 28, 2013

Blogs I Read: Brian Croft's "Practical Shepherding"

My favorite blog about how to do gospel-centered pastoral ministry is Brian Croft's Practical Shepherding.

Brian has the ability to take a complicated pastoral duty and give a concise, bite-sized, helpful, imminently practical bullet-point-ish list of things to do to...catch this... keep the main thing the main thing in that pastoral duty whether it be funerals, visitation, leadership development or whatever.

Brian is very responsive, too. A couple of years ago I sent him a question about a problem I was facing in ministry.  Within a day or so, he had replied with a typically thoughtful and helpful answer which I am still applying to my ministry.

I highly recommend Practical Shepherding.

Just last week, Brian re-posted my favorite of his article ever. It's my favorite because it perfectly captures my life and ministry partner's ministry to me.

Hint: Her picture is on this page.