Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Blogs I Read: Don Sweetings "The Chief End of Man"

Don Sweeting is the president of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. He is the son of George Sweeting, the former president of Moody Bible Institute, my alma mater. He also used to pastor in the Chicagoland area when I lived there.

Don's blog is called "The Chief End of Man," and centers on Don's thoughts about world events, seminary education, Bible interpretation and application to life.

I enjoy reading his posts--when they come. He's not a frequent blogger, but the content is always good when he does write.  He writes with humble, winsome wisdom--a rare quality these days.

For example, this last Sunday, Don wrote: Why Reading the End of the Bible Is a Good Way to End the Year and gives us 10 good reasons.

Most of the reading plans I have used put Revelation in December, and I've not always appreciated that schedule, but I've grown to feel the wisdom of that approach. Now, Don has put into words what was a vague feeling for me before.  That's valuable!

I recommend The Chief End of Man as a blog to read in 2013.