Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Robert Gagnon on Homosexuality and the Modern Church

One of the key speakers next week, at the EFCA Theology conference, will be Robert Gagnon, a leading Christian scholar on the topic of homosexuality.

Last Fall, DesiringGod posted an interview with Gagnon answering some significant questions on the topic:

The Church in a Homosexual Culture: An Interview with Robert Gagnon” (32 minutes): 
  • What are the biblical and the structural prerequisites for a sexual union that magnifies God and honors his created design?
  • From that, what constitutes sinful sexual practices?
  • Does the Bible say anything about gender reassignment surgery?
  • Is homosexuality a modern phenomenon? Just how pervasive was homosexuality in the Greco-Roman world of the Apostle Paul?
  • By voting yes to the Minnesota Marriage Amendment, are Christians oppressing the freedoms of the gay and lesbian community? Why or why not?
  • What advice do you have for churches seeking to preach against the sin of homosexuality, and make sure the church doors are wide open and welcoming to all those in the homosexual community?
Same-Sex Temptations in the Church: An Interview with Robert Gagnon (30 minutes):
  • What role does the Church play in demythologizing sexuality in modern culture?
  • In the life of a professing Christian, what makes homosexual practice “an act of unbelief”?
  • Should we be okay with a professing believer who self-identifies as “a celibate gay Christian”?
  • What advice do you have for Christian parents who are fearful that their children will experience same-sex attraction in the teen years?
  • What are churches doing well in engaging those who struggle with same-sex attraction? What are churches doing poorly?
  • What guiding principles will help us to love and reach out to our homosexual neighbors?


Stick with writing about gossip and leave the poor scholarship from Gagnon at the door.
Just some friendly advice.