Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blogs I Read: ReachStudents Blog

Shane Stacey and his team at ReachStudents Blog (the student ministries of the EFCA), have a good little group blog going that encourages those who are trying make Christian disciples of the next generation of students.

Yesterday's post caught my eye. It wasn't an original post full of scintillating content (they do that, too).  But it was a provocative post pointing student ministers to a very helpful resource on students and cell phone use by David Murray.

Murray contends, "Apart from giving them the Gospel, the single best thing we can do for our kids’ college, career, and marriage prospects is to train them to be self-disciplined in their cell phone use."

As one who has been trying to think Christianly about our life online, I wholeheartedly agree. (And I think that training them in can and should be part of our giving them the Gospel.)

I'm thankful that there are folks like ReachStudents who are encouraging us to think about this sort of thing.  Check them out.