Monday, January 14, 2013

Your Help Needed with New Social Media

So, I need some advice.  What social media networks should I be on and how much attention should I give to them?

As we get closer to the launch date of Resisting Gossip, I will want to be connecting more and more with folks who might want to know more about the book.  I want to be wary of the dangers of self promotion, and at the same time do my best to get the word out on the street of the ideas in my book (a difficult balance beam to walk). I know about some of the pitfalls out there online, but I need your help to navigate this better.

I'm already here at Hot Orthodoxy, and present on Facebook and Google+. Where else should I be hanging out?  What things should I avoid?

I've been on LinkedIn for a while, but I've never done much there. Dear readers, what do you recommend that I do there? Make connections? Update my profile? Post information?

I just joined up at GoodReads. Who else is there? How many books should I rate? What is the benefit of hanging out in that neighborhood?

I'm getting close to joining Twitter. Sweet Tweethead friends, what advice would you give a newbie to the Twitterverse?

Where else do you hang out online and what is the benefit of being there for you?


I have a friend who does public speaking and she uses LinkedIn to increase her profile professionally. She has written to books and has used Twitter and LinkedIn to promote her book and events. I'd use Good Reads for friends to see your opinions on books you've read. You can link Twitter to LinkedIn. You could also so a facebook page for your book, if you wanted.

Thanks, Christy!

I'm planning to do a FB page for the book when we have a final full title and a book cover.

Are you on Twitter? What is good to do there and what is bad?

How do you keep from drowning in information?