Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Day

My favorite family photo. Jumping for joy together!
Today is my weekly family day off from my vocational duties as a pastor.  For the last (nearly) 15 years, our church family has been great about not engaging me as their pastor on Mondays--no unnecessary phone calls, etc. We normally take the day to do something fun as a family and to get some errands run.

Lately, I've been trying to maximize my time by taking the day off online as well.  I'm not so good at that--I have been finding that I creep over to the computer to try to get a jump on work or to waste time on my social media sites.  It takes a real commitment to make it work--but I am seeing some results (peace, focus, love) from turning off the computer on Mondays.  (Don't worry, I wrote this a few days ago and set it to auto-post. I am not online right now....At least I shouldn't be.)

The other thing I do on Mondays is the cooking. I try to make Monday Heather's day off. If I get one in seven, so should she!

What do I do the rest of the week?

I'm glad you asked. There is no typical week. This week, for example, includes a day in the office, a trip to the high school to speak to the FCA Bible Club, and a trip to Pittsburgh to coordinate our Allegheny District Stay Sharp Conference (check back on Thursday and Friday as I try to "live-blog" it).  After that, I write a sermon, lead a baptism class, lead worship & preach that sermon, speak at a nursing home in the afternoon, and then host our Link Group at our place for a Bible study. 

But next week? That'll be totally different. I like the variety!

For more on what I do all week, see this class post: Pastor Matt, G.P.