Friday, February 01, 2013

Matt & Jenni Cox and "Resisting Gossip"

Our family and church love the ministry of Miracle Mountain Ranch, led by Matt Cox. We've had a long partnership in the gospel, sending kids to camp for decades and participating in retreats and other special events. Last year, I had the privilege of speaking at their youth conference.

Heather and I are thankful for the friendship of Matt and his wife Jenni and love getting together with them whenever we can.

Last week, Matt sent this very encouraging word about Resisting Gossip:
Dr. Mitchell not only walks alongside us as a brother in Christ to help us understand the subject of gossip, but also gives a proactive, biblical, and applicable plan of how to deal with it through the changing of our own hearts. This book is an excellent resource within our School of Discipleship. -- Matt Cox, Executive Director of Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions Inc, homeschool father of 5. 

I'm glad that Matt liked it because when a man is fearless enough to stand on top of a longhorn steer and preach God's Word, you want to stay on his good side.
Thanks, Matt!


By the way, if you are a pastor or church leader in a drive-able distance from the Ranch, they are holding a special dinner to introduce you to the ministry of MMR on March 21st. I'm planning to go and would love to see you there.