Friday, March 08, 2013

Bruce & Donna Weatherly on "Resisting Gossip"

We've been friends with Bruce and Donna Weatherly for 15 years. They were church leaders when we started in ministry here at Lanse Free Church.  Then the Lord led them all over the world in an international ministry.  And now, the Lord has them back in Pennsylvania with Safe Harbor Christian Counseling.

Between the two of them, Bruce and Donna possess several boatloads of wisdom so it was a no-brainer to ask them to serve as "critical readers" for Resisting Gossip during the the early stages of its development. They both read the manuscript and offered many helpful critiques that shaped the first major revision.

I was pleased that they were both were willing to offer these endorsements:
“Matthew Mitchell’s book is personal and loving instead of simply academic and informational.  I appreciated the open, honest self-disclosure.  I really liked the simple definitions, especially of gossip and of judging.  Matt makes it clear that the heart is the core issue as well as the place where change happens through confession, repentance, grace and the work of the Spirit.  This book will be extremely helpful in clarifying, diagnosing, and ‘healing’ the sin of gossip in individuals and in churches. It is simple, deep, packed, and easy reading all at the same time.”  – Bruce Weatherly, Director of Safe Harbor Christian Counseling of Mid Pennsylvania
“Thanks so much for your work, prayer, study, and diligence in writing this book. I believe it will be very helpful, useful, appreciated. Practical as I am, I enjoyed the suggestions, illustrations, and grace that you have included throughout. You made it much easier to apply by your suggestions, illustrations and clarifications.” – Donna Weatherly, Office Administrator of Safe Harbor Christian Counseling of Mid Pennsylvania” Harrisburg, Pennsylvania