Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jeremy Walker on Gossip

Over at the Reformation21 Blog, Jeremy Walker has been teaching on a Christian presence in social media with an excellent multi-part series called A Web of Wisdom: Social Media to Glory of God.

The series is up to 4 installments, and each one is very long (Jeremy's friend Paul joked today that "Jeremy's series on Social Media will be available on Twitter in 140 characters, one tweet per day for the next 25 years."), but each one is also very good and worth reading.

In Part Three, Jeremy reminds us:
Even more innocent sites can be used to destroy someone's character or cripple reputations. Digging up and spreading around tales - even true ones, when and where you have no business meddling in it - will bring no honour to the Lord. God abominates such things. Think of how much 'news' on some sites is nothing more than gossip, sometimes simply slander, both in the world and in the church: who has said what about whom, who is linking up with whom, what is rumoured to be going on behind the scenes at such and such a place. Again, consider the need to know and the need to tell. Consider not speaking or waiting to speak if you are not sure. If the matter hangs in the balance, ask yourself with judgement day honesty whether or not you accurately know and are responsible to tell before you open your mouth or press the appropriate button. If you can, let the fire go out.
A web of wisdom indeed.