Friday, March 22, 2013

Dennis Wadsworth on "Resisting Gossip"

Dennis Wadsworth and I were at seminary together at Trinity, but we really got to know each other when we found ourselves in pastoral ministry in the same district of the EFCA.

Then Dennis got called away to Fertile Minnesota to pastor Hope Evangelical Free Church. (I love that their website is called "Hope 4 Fertile.")

Dennis is an encourager and a prayer warrior.  Often when I send off a prayer-email, Dennis replies, "Got your back."  He's always in your corner, and I love being in his corner, too.

I really appreciated Dennis taking the time to serve as a critical reader for Resisting Gossip back when it was a D.Min project, and when we finished the project he offered this endorsement:
The foundational strength of Resisting Gossip isn’t found in a single chapter. It runs through the whole book. That strength is the good news, the gospel. Not the three point outline that gets a person ‘saved’ but the impact of the gospel that redeems, justifies, propitiates and sanctifies. Too often authors that take on topical issues such as gossip tip their hat to the gospel, assume it as an underlying principle or ignore it altogether. Not so in this material. The gospel is front and center and applied throughout all of the suggestive material in how to deal with resisting gossip. – Dennis W. Wadsworth, Jr
That's exactly what I wanted it to be, Dennis, gospel-centered. Thanks for saying that we achieved that goal!  And thanks for having "my back" in prayer.