Monday, March 11, 2013


Baby Isaac and I Resting on the Hammock, Circa 2005
I am not real good at resting.

Today is my family day off, and it's always a struggle to know what to do on Mondays that will be truly restful.  Should I be productive in ways that I can't be the rest of the week? Should I try to nap? Should I try to get exercise?  Should we run errands? Should we do this or do that?  It's not always clear. And the answer is different on different days.

I do know that I've been profiting from unplugging on Mondays and from focusing on my kids and their needs and desires. But other than that, I'm not always sure if what I'm choosing for Mondays will be truly restful.

I think rest is important. God rested (not because He had to but) to give us the gift of rest. And He is still giving us that gift which we ignore at our own peril.

Baby Isaac and Me Mugging for the Camera Circa 2005
Here are two resources I've written on rest. Neither of them are amazing but I do think they are helpful (at least, they were to me).

This is a message I delivered back in 2000. It is a fictional letter from God that summarized what I was learning about rest at the time.

This is a sermon I wrote in 2009 on Luke 5:33-6:11.  "The Lord of Rest is Rest Himself."

See how good I am at resting? Maybe I was better at back then?


"When fears are stilled, and strivings Comforter, my All in all, here in the love of Christ I stand."

He'll define it. Enjoy! :-)