Thursday, September 05, 2013

Interview at ChosenRebel Blog

Marty Schoenleber on Resisting Gossip:
My friend and fellow EFCA Pastor from the great state of Pennsylvania, Matt Mitchell, has just released a book called Resisting Gossip: Winning the War of the Wagging Tongue (CLC Publications, 2013). As I’ve said before, I think that sinful gossip is more destructive to the loving unity of the church than adultery or other “big sins” that get talked about a lot from the pulpit. So, I’m glad to see someone address this problem in a biblical, practical, and helpful manner.
This past Summer, I attended a workshop that Matt led on this topic. I have been interested in what Matt was writing for some time (since he asked me to read some early drafts) and went to his seminar with the specific desire of asking if he would do an interview with me at the Chosenrebel’s Blog. During one of the breaks, we got to talking about why we are so attracted to gossip, and I asked Matt if he would share some of his answers.
Read the whole thing.