Friday, September 06, 2013

Taking Sides on Gossip - Recap

In July and August, we embarked on a long (33 posts!) series about the various things people have said about gossip (both for and against).

This post is an index page to the whole series which was drawn from the pages of my doctoral project on the problem of gossip.

I ended that section of the project with this paragraph:
In this chapter, we have learned that, throughout history, many confusing and contradictory things have been said on the topic of gossip. Gossip’s proponents have argued for its inherent goodness and obvious usefulness. Gossip’s opponents have contended that it is wicked and destructive. While both cannot be right, there are things to be learned from both sides. Others have been coy about or unsure if gossip is either good or bad. The ongoing problem of definition, the dynamic expansion of technological means for gossip’s dissemination, and the profitability of gossip as entertainment have only exacerbated the confusion. Even those who are correctly positioned against sinful gossip have struggled to define it clearly or to provide consistently helpful teaching on how to resist it. This is the cultural milieu into which the ministry model described in the next chapter attempts to speak.
That "ministry model in the next chapter" is what is now the book Resisting Gossip: Winning the War of the Wagging Tongue.

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