Monday, September 30, 2013

Jaroslav and Natalija Elijas on "Resisting Gossip"

Jaroslav and Natalija Elijas are national Christian workers in Serbia. They attended Moody Bible Institute (where Heather and I met them) and later Lancaster Bible college after which they returned to Europe. They have been in full-time ministry since 1991 through the Christian Evangelistic Center. Over the years they have been involved in various areas of work, including radio broadcasting, humanitarian aid, leading a choir, teaching, preaching, children and youth ministry. God has blessed them with 7 terrific children.

I was very thankful to have their input during the developmental phase of Resisting Gossip as they brought a different, yet encouraging, perspective to the work. It is my joy to have received their endorsements:
"Isn’t it sad that we fear people and their opinions more than we fear God? This really is the heart of the matter. Matthew Mitchell’s book explains this issue very well.  The book is very easy to read, even for someone whose native language is not English. It is understandable and simple in style. I think it would be useful for any Christian, whether new or seasoned. I also think it would be very useful for young people in a youth ministry." – Natalija Elijas, Children’s Ministry Leader at the Christian Evangelistic Center and Baptist Church in Glozan, Serbia; Women’s Conference speaker
"This book presents real-life examples that I can identify with. They are engaging because, let’s be honest, we love to hear a good story. The reader is drawn in by the example and then confronted with the spiritual ramifications because of the biblical content and teaching on the subject of gossip. The supporting references and practical advice does not leave much room for misunderstanding or not being practical enough. On the contrary it brings one to the point where the final decision has to be a matter of the heart, before God and man." – Jaroslav Elijas, Director at Christian Evangelistic Center, Serbia, and Assistant Pastor at Glozan Baptist Church, Serbia


I am Barbara Hall Gemar and would like to get in touch with Jaroslav and Natalia Elijas. We went to Moody Bible Institute together. They stayed in our apartment early in our marriages when they were expecting their first child.

Hi, Barbara! I found you on FB and sent you a message about making contact with the Elijas family. Wonderful people!

Thank you so very much, Rev. Mitchell!