Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reflections on Today's Prayer Retreat

Today, I headed off into the woods of Black Moshannon State Park with a pile of prayer cards and a determination to bear the burdens of the flock under my care, the families of Lanse Free Church, to the one who bears our burdens (Ps 68:19).

I saw the sun (and the moon!), beautiful Fall colored trees, sparkling water on the lake, a loon, leaves all over the path, and white tailed deer running in the distance.

I breathed in delicious fresh air and breathed out desperate prayers.  So many of our folks asked me to pray about difficult situations: trials, health trouble, difficult job situations, and especially un-saved family members.  I asked the Lord so many times to "Please, capture the heart of ...."

My prayer hike was good for me, too. I started with praise and adoration and then moved into personal confession--one of my biggest prayers was for help in not being lax about prayer, a pastor needs to pray for his people.  I want to become an Epaphras, whose people know that he "is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured" (Colossians 4:12).

It came to me today what a privilege it is to be able to pray--that God listens to the request of His people. And what a joyful privilege it is to be set aside for the Word of God and prayer! So thankful that I don't have to carry our little flock's burdens on my own, but am able to cast them on the Lord because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). Looking forward to seeing how God answers some of today's prayers.


Confession:  This picture is from Cook Forest State Park. I couldn't find a picture of old Blackie on my computer today and didn't take a camera with me.