Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Joe Stowell on Resisting Gossip

Dr. Joe Stowell was a major shaping influence on me when I first started training for Christian leadership at Moody Bible Institute and his writings on the tongue were some of the best things I read during my research into the problem of gossip.

I was so encouraged to receive his endorsement:

"With clarity and the precision of a spiritual physician, Matt cuts deep into the cancerous disease that produces words that hurt and defame. Not only will this book help you keep your tongue in check, but it will also be a helpful navigational tool in guiding your speech to the joyful discipline of using words to help and heal others to the glory of God! Put the principles of this book into practice and you, your family, friends and colleagues at the office will all be better off!" —Dr. Joseph M. Stowell, President, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan


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