Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Upcoming Interview with Marty at Chosen Rebel

Marty Schoenleber, a EFCA pastor, prolific writer of books and blogs, and trainer of the next generation of church planters, posted about the interview we've got planned for tomorrow:
One of the greatest enemies of love and destroyers of unity in the body of Christ is gossip. Matt has just published a book called RESISTING GOSSIP and it is one of the books I think I will find myself recommending often this next year.
I hope that you will “tune in” on Thursday for the interview and perhaps throw some questions at Matt on his new book.
[By the way, Marty has very encouraging things to say about me and about things we have in common. But, just for the record, if we have a favorite football team (we don't watch much), it is not the Eagles. We're definitely Steeler Nation around here.]

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